Eliot and Asa took me to Eisenhower Park for a two-hour run this morning. (Supportive spouse: check!) Thank God there was a forklift in the parking lot. Asa was entertained for the full 120 minutes that I was gone. I can’t say the same for Eliot, though he was doing an excellent job walking Asa through a detailed Forklift Pre-Use checklist when I got back to them. (Odometer reading? Check. Tires? Check. Engine? Check.)
So, with another 2 hours of relatively pain-free running under my belt, it seems like it’s time to start prepping for Leadville as best as I can. Besides following Amanda’s training plan, that means doing core work, trying to sleep 8 hours a night, and following my nutrition plan. Now what makes core work challenging for me is that once I’m horizontal on the floor, I am either attacked by my two-year-old and the cat, or I fall asleep. And the problem I have with getting eight hours of sleep is that when I sleep for eight hours there aren’t enough hours left to run, stretch, do core work, be a good mom and wife, keep the house clean-ish, and cook good meals. If someone out there would like to manage my time, I will be happy to sleep while they do it. And, finally, my problem with following my nutrition plan, is that I like food that’s not particularly nutritious. Tortilla chips. French fries. Ice cream. Cake batter. Cookie dough. Diet soda. Sigh.
But, it’s time to suck it up until August 21st. So crunches and sleep. And goodbye to my fried friends — and the uncooked sweets — and the diet soda for now. And, yes, I know “everything in moderation.” I’ll work on that on August 22nd.

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