Eisenhower Park

I’m sure I’ve run the outside loop at Eisenhower Park a couple hundred times. It’s only about 4 miles. I can’t decide whether still enjoying that loop means I’m incredibly dull or I’m closing in on Enlightenment. Running circles on the rocky trails through live oaks, junipers, and yucca is akin to staring into the flames of a campfire for me. It certainly feels like running through the flames of a campfire these days. I’ve got to do a sweat test soon to figure out how much water I’m losing. Seems like a good story for the grandkids eventually. “You think this is hot? This is nothing compared to the day back in 2010 when I lost 14 pounds of water weight on a 12 mile run.” I’m sure I’d be dead if I lost that much water weight, but I have a friend who I bet comes close.
My foot is still holding up. Two and a half hours today in a new pair of Asics. The old ones weren’t quite dead, but I ran in them while the PF got worse and worse, (until it finally landed me in aqua jogging hell) — and, superstitiously, I don’t want to run in them now that I’m healing. I’m still trying to figure out a good pair of trail shoes for Leadville. I’m small and light (aka short), which gives me a bunch of leeway, but now that I’ve been broken, I want to do everything possible to stay healthy. It would also be great if these trail shoes cost less than $10 because I feel like I’m spraying money out of a fire hose at my running hobby these days.
Asa news: It seems the boy finally understands he shouldn’t point the garden hose at his parents when they’re sitting peacefully outside — if he doesn’t want to get drenched himself. Smart boy.
Fried friends: 0
Sleep: 7
Core workout: (whine and) check

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