No nap

The boy didn’t nap today and I am wrecked. I don’t really ever accomplish much when he’s down, but I’ve come to count on an hour or two of quiet every day. I need time to marshall my forces for the next toddler barrage. There’s nothing I’d rather being doing than being Asa’s mom, I’m just saying a 38-year-old woman needs a little Lego-free time in her day.
I didn’t run today hoping that the rest and extra stretching would set my foot up well for a two and a half hour run early tomorrow. It seems like one of the major causes of my PF is my soleus. I’m doing the best I can to loosen it up with rollers and balls. I can’t wait until I’m running longer than I’m stretching each day. Sigh. OK, time for some core work. If you listen closely in the next half an hour you should be able to hear me whining.
Diet soda: 0
Fried friends: 0
Sleep: 8 hours
Laundry pile and dirty dishes: 4 feet high if stacked on top of one another

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