Writing this blog has made me feel accountable for my Leadville goals. I’m surprised. I’m not sure why confiding in mostly strangers has made it easier to stick to these goals, but it certainly has. Honestly, I finished today’s core workout before I sat down to type just so I could enter that “accomplishment” at the bottom of the post. I’m going to have to give careful consideration to post-Leadville goals if all I need to do is send my intentions out into cyberspace to make them happen. Perhaps, “I will never allow mold to grow in the toilet before I clean it,” would be a good one. Or, “I will not set my alarm for 4am to workout if I have no real intention of getting up at 4am.” (Sorry husband.) And perhaps I’ll have to refine, and up the ante for the Leadville goals. How about: 1. I’ll enter my food log daily to make sure I’m meeting my protein and calorie needs, 2. I’ll drop back down to race weight by July 10 and 3. I’ll post a picture featuring some core strength on July 10th too. OK, that should put the blog accountability to the test! If it works, I’ll start booking the auditoriums and convention centers for inspirational self-help speeches. 😉
I got clearance to run 3 hours tonight from Amanda. Whoop! Hopefully no “Struck by Lightning” stories tomorrow.
Diet soda: 0
Fried friends: 0
Sleep: 4 hours (Darn you people who blogged about Western States!)
Core workout: CHECK!!

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4 Responses to Accountability

  1. E Howard says:

    Nice post.

  2. Trimble says:

    Is this the Liza that lived in Va Beach? The fun long-conversations-about-life-while-running Liza? I thought you dropped off the face of this earth, only to find out you’ve been running circles around it!
    If so, I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!
    If not, well, I’m sure you’re a nice Liza#2, even if I don’t know you.

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