No pants

I sent this text today: “Will be late. Forgot to put pants on Asa before leaving house and driving your way.”
Some days! And that wasn’t really my organizational or mothering low point…
I think I was more scattered-brained than usual because my foot and hip were pretty painful during my last run. I told Eliot when I finished the run that he should just go to bed because I was going to sit up for a while feeling sorry for myself. He was gracious as usual.
I used to grade students on their “Tolerance for Adversity and Uncertainty” when I worked field courses for the National Outdoor Leadership School. I’ll give myself an “F” for last night and most of today. I wouldn’t mind the pain if I could schedule its end date on my calendar, (See? “F!”) and make my Leadville plans from there. Thankfully my life is far too delightful for much wallowing in self-pity. Now I’d better lay out some pants for Asa for tomorrow.

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