On being late for a run

It’s bad form to be more than ten minutes late for a run. Right? So it was not a good start to the day yesterday when I woke up at 6:02 for a 6am run I was supposed to go on with new friends in Houston. These new friends were very gracious when I arrived 25 minutes late, but we all knew I’d broken the rules. So, you can imagine my state of mind when I was driving to meet these folks again this morning and all the roads I was supposed to take through downtown Houston were blocked off for Fourth of July celebrations. I confess to ignoring a few questionable barriers and possibly damaging four traffic cones in order to be on time. (“Yes, officer, but, you see, I was late to a run yesterday — and I wasn’t entirely sure that large barrier meant I shouldn’t go this way…”). I finally made it to the highway, but couldn’t find an on-ramp for a good 10 minutes. Thankfully I was only three minutes late, seven minutes ahead of disrepute. Hope you all are having a wonderful 4th too!

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