A great run

I had a great run at Friedrich Park tonight. My foot kept quiet for
the first time in a week and I was really able to run at a good clip.
I felt like I was flying when I passed some unfit hikers at any
rate. A young kid gave me a high five as I passed him going uphill. I’m sure more people would take up trail running if they knew about the unexpected high fives from strangers. It’s such an affirming gesture. “Hey, great job doing what you’re doing!” In this guy’s case, it was more like, “Hey, lady, great job getting up this hill without throwing up or passing out — even though that’s what you look like you’re about to do.” Yeah, I definitely have a lot of work to do before Hope Pass. A little 11% grade on the treadmill tomorrow, perhaps? Fingers crossed the foot’s still peaceable.
Diet soda & fried friends: 0
Sleep: 5 (Sigh)
Core work: Check (Not a habit at this point, but not a soul-sucking struggle to get done anymore either)

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2 Responses to A great run

  1. Jane Marcello says:

    Love catching up with your life through this blog!

  2. E Howard says:

    Same here 😉

    All kidding aside, she’s looking strong and wearing a smile more regularly than any time in recent past.

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