Two in a row

Well, the foot held up well for another hilly run and, once again, I smoked all the unfit hikers. Whoop! I tried out a new shoe for this run and I think it’s going to do the trick. I felt like I was running on little pillows. I would rather use a much lighter shoe, but I think these are going to be perfect to protect my foot a bit more and get me trained up for Leadville. The shoes also match my running bag, which makes me feel a bit like a 7th grade girl. I just need some matching barrettes now.
I also used my heartrate monitor for the first time in months last night. I’ve been running so slowly there’s been no chance of getting into any anerobic state. It was great to put the little chafing machine on again.
Asa news: “Mom, do you know, sometimes I like to play with my food.”

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3 Responses to Two in a row

  1. Great to hear you are improving and healing!
    What kind of shoes did you get?

    • lizahoward says:

      Thanks Josue! I’m pretty over the moon about it.
      I’m running in Salomon XT Whispers. I ran Cactus Rose in them. They’re great for that kind of rocky terrain, but they feel a bit like suction cups on flat stretches. They really seem perfect for this injury though.

  2. trimble says:

    so glad to hear you are feeling strong!
    and for Asa… sometimes I do to:)

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