Spider attack

Scene on the trail at Government Canyon yesterday after I plowed through a gigantic spider web:
K: “Oh Liza! Oh my gosh! OH my gosh! OH MY GOSH!!!
(Translation: There’s a spider with a body as big as a golf ball on your back.)
Me: “Get it off. Get it OFF! GET IT OFF!!!!”
K. finally swatted the monster off before it started liquifying me with it’s digestive enzymes. It thudded to the ground and lumbered off into the woods. I’m sure we sounded like 5th grade girls. You might not do any better with a tennis ball sized (legs included) spinybacked orbweaver on your person, so don’t be too judgmental.
Later I saw some wild boar. K. decided she’d eaten enough spider webs and had headed back to the road. So I was alone when I heard a snort and saw three big boar about 15 feet to my left. I shouted, “Geez Louise!!!” without thinking and they took off. They must have been offended by my strong language. I was embarrassed afterwards that that’s what flew out of my mouth. Good thing it wasn’t a snake, or I might have dropped a “Good Golly Miss Molly!”

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3 Responses to Spider attack

  1. Thomas says:

    Very fun read today. Thanks. It gave me a smile.

  2. Jane Marcello says:

    Louise is very scary. Just her name and pigs fly!

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