Gosh it’s hot

It’s actually not all that hot down here right now, but (dang!) is it humid. Wringing-sweat-out-of-your-running-skirt-every-20-minutes humid. I ran with friends at Government Canyon this morning. GC is a State Natural Area and it doesn’t open until 7am. This is just fine in the wintertime, but it sets you up for failure in the summertime on long runs. I was a soaked and steaming wreck by the time I drove away around 11:30. I should attribute some of that to a speedy runner who joined our group today. He flew. I figured I should try to follow as long as I could. I was actually okay on the rocks and hills, but when we tacked on a few miles of smooth and flat, I lost it. I looked down at my watch at one point and we were running a 6:30 pace. I realize that’s not fast for a lot of folks, but I certainly had no business running that pace during the longest training run I’ve managed in 2 months. I was carrying 3 pounds of water on my back and 5 pounds of mud on my shoes. Yup, no business. That said, it was great fun to work so hard and get a concrete measure of my fitness. (Uh, Leadville is going to hurt.) I’m bouncing back fairly well this evening though, which is heartening. Time to head into the supermarket to do battle with little old ladies and their shopping carts on a Sunday afternoon.

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One Response to Gosh it’s hot

  1. Jane Marcello says:

    Be kind to little old ladies with their shopping carts. We have driven them longer than you and can wreak havoc anytime we want. You just think we can’t handle them!

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