Out of touch

Sorry to be out of touch for a few days. Teaching these Wilderness First Responder courses always leaves me beat. Only four days of talking eight hours a day and I’m off the diet soda wagon. I ran on a treadmill after class yesterday at an 11% grade. I’m using the word “run” loosely. All I can say is that it’ll be interesting to see how a 12,600 foot pass compares to running on a treadmill in a hot basement room with music blaring and multiple TVs showing local news, the USA network, and a reality show. I’m looking forward to getting outside tomorrow morning.

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3 Responses to Out of touch

  1. trimble says:

    you are going to rock it! I can come along and run beside you acting out random reality shows if that would help you feel better on race day. I’m pretty good with my Jersey Shore accent…

  2. mer says:

    We should be running together right now, but the stars are always out of alignment on that…

    I love your writings!! Fun to read, and I can’t wait to see you soon. Maybe our journey over Hope Pass will be reunion. HA!

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