Austin at night

It’s 10pm and I’m sitting in the grass in front of my parked car. I’ve got a couple of hours to while away while my students complete a night rescue scenario. There’s a huge soccer field nearby and I’m sorely tempted to take off my shoes and run around a bit. We’ll see. A barefoot runner might ruin the stranded-alone-deep-in-the-wilderness feel of the exercise. Of course, doing the exercise three miles from the UT campus does a lot to ruin that feel anyway. One more day of teaching here, one 60k night run at Inks Lake, and then I’m back to mom-ing. I can’t wait. The little guy gets better and better each day and being away gets harder and harder. As it should. I’ve convinced my co-instructor S. to run the 30k at Inks Lake. She is an ER doc up in Maine and a total rockstar. I can’t wait to introduce her to my running family. My WMI and NOLS world has only collided with my running world once before. It was lovely. OK, time to make my final countdown calendar for Leadville!

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