Runners’ toenails

I took Asa to the children’s museum in New Braunfels yesterday. Lots of nicely pedicured moms in sandals. I was in closed-toed shoes of course. My toenails have reached a frightening-to-small-children state. I know female runners out there with lovely toes. Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s the long sandal season and pedicure culture here in Texas, or maybe it’s just a new focus for my vanity, but I’m jealous. And I might even take action. No more painting on missing toenails for special occasions! Time to put an end to those under the toenail blisters.  Lovely, eh? I don’t get blisters anywhere else (Thanks Drymax!), so it’s a shoe problem. Then again, Halloween isn’t too far off — and reaching down to my toes to tend to them is a challenge. Ah, laziness. Time to ignore the dishes in the sink and go to bed.

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