Altitude training in Texas

It’s been a fine weekend here in San Antonio.  A big group of us headed out to Bandera to run Saturday. 4am departure from the Exxon at Bandera Rd. & 1604. The forecast was for 97 degrees and 900% humidity, so we hoped to get in a good hour and a half before the sun came up.  Amazingly, it was overcast until about 10am. We actually ran through a cloud at one point.  At Bandera.  In July.  There’s a wonderful elevation marker out there that reads 1868 feet (or something close).  Train low, race high, that’s my motto. J. took a big tumble about two hours in and sliced open his pinky and scraped up his arm and back.  I had some tape, which helped with the bleeding, but he was plagued by horseflies for the rest of the run.  They looked like they were trying to find a nice place to settle down and raise some maggots.  Yuck.  The sotol cactus beat up the rest of us.  My legs look like somebody went after me with a weed whacker.  Very attractive.  But everyone was full of good humor, nobody got bitten by a snake, and we all left happy and ready for naps after breathing the thin air.     
Today I ran a couple of laps on our three mile hill at Government Canyon.  It’s not steep, but it’s all we’ve got for a long hill.  And I have it on the best authority that it’s a fine place to train for Leadville.  Afterwards, Eliot, Asa and I went to the San Antonio Zoo — with the rest of the children in the city.  It was crazy hot and humid. (Surprise.). Good people watching.  A lot of folks were wearing long jeans.  I don’t get it.  All I can think is that they spend so much time inside in air conditioning, they don’t realize how hot it is outside — and that wearing jeans would be CRAZY this time of year.   I almost ran up to a guy in jeans and a long t-shirt and shook him.  “It’s 101 degrees!  Get yourself some shorts man!”. Eliot held me back.  He’s good like that.  
Sounds like Asa’s ready for bedtime stories, so I’ll sign off.  Hope you all had excellent weekends too.    

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