Leaving tomorrow

I leave for DC tomorrow and then head onto Leadville. My parents will watch Asa while I spend time breathing the thin air. It’s unlikely the boy will want to come home after two weeks of spoiling. And, so, it’s 3:30 pm and I haven’t begun to pack. Packing would require clean clothes, and clean clothes would require a couple few loads of laundry — and that would require laundry detergent. And, yes, I could be searching for some winter layers in the back of my closet instead of typing on this blog, but, well, this is more fun. We’re celebrating Asa’s Almost Birthday tonight. We’ll all be separated for the real deal, so it’s a tractor cake and ice cream tonight. (I also have to make a tractor cake and buy ice cream..)
Asa and I fly to DC by way of Orlando. 100 miles or 7 and a half hours on a plane with an almost three year-old. At least dropping is an option at Leadville. 😉

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4 Responses to Leaving tomorrow

  1. Greg Luffey says:

    Liza, so glad to see you have a blog now. I ran with you, Tony, Kelly, and some others in Leon Creek once, but I’ve since moved from SA. Congrats on Rocky! Good luck in Leadville, I’ll be thinking about you. -Greg

  2. Thomas says:

    I wish you all the best at Leadville Liza!!! I’m sure you’ll do great. Stay with your blog. It’s always great reading your short daily stories.

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