Leadville Hostel

For those of you haven’t stayed at the hostel in Leadville, you need to fix that as soon as you can. This place is great. My bunk bed has pink sheets, pink blankets and pink privacy curtains. I also have a pink locker. I feel like I’m back in my second grade bedroom. I love it. I arrived in town yesterday afternoon and immediately made a friend at the hostel. We went for a run around Turquoise Lake with her wonderful dog. We ran for two hours and I didn’t sweat. My clothes were entirely dry when we finished. Wild.
Right now I’m wearing a fleece and jeans and sitting on a very comfy couch watching the hostel scene. (Do you hear that Texas friends? A fleece!) There are quite a few cyclists here for their 100 next weekend. It’s fun listening to their prep talk, which sounds both familiar and unfamiliar. I’m very glad I don’t have as much gear to keep track of.
There are bluebird skies outside and as soon as J. arrives in town, we’re going to check out Hope Pass. I’ve got a nagging headache from the altitude, but it’s not all that bad. We’ll see what 12,000 feet does to it. Right now I’m going to check out the parade that’s going down main street. It’s Boom Days here in Leadville this weekend. Nothing to complain about today.

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