Around Turquoise Lake to Mayqueen

I ran around Turquoise Lake yesterday with J. and some of his friends from the Leadville training camp. The trail around Turquoise Lake is lovely and flat. My weak little quads rejoiced. Don’t get me wrong, there are enough small ups that it won’t be lovely after 87 miles, but, then, little is lovely after 87 miles. That’s about when I should be hallucinating about jelly beans, according to W.B. though.
There’s a physical therapist here at the hostel who is doing sports massage and Active Release Therapy. She is wonderful. Thank you whoever had the brilliant idea to have her here. I was so sore from Hope Pass on Sunday (Pathetic. I know!) that I spent half an hour with her last night. And my legs don’t hurt at all right now sipping coffee and typing. We’ll see how they feel heading up Sugarloaf Pass today. The plan is Mayqueen to the Fish Hatchery. And then more people-watching at the hostel. I haven’t had time to just sit and hang out in so long. I’m soaking up all this adult talk-in-full-sentences-about-something-other-than-potty-training conversation. I haven’t slipped and told anyone “Mommy’s got to tinkle,” yet. Last night there was a good conversation about childhood obesity. No earth shattering revelations, but it was fun for me to put some thoughts into words. (Are you aware that there is chocolate flavored baby formula on the market?)

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