Fish Hatchery to Mayqueen

Today was a fun day. Bluebird skies and in the 60s. I ran with a nice group from Fish Hatchery up the Power Line trail down to the trail head. I felt a lot better running uphill than I did the day before yesterday, which was encouraging. Thanks new red blood cells! (For the record, “a lot better” means that I was able to run for a good 30 seconds uphill before my legs turned to lead and I was forced to walk.) E., the physical therapist here at the hostel, came with us and pointed out raspberry bushes along the roadside. I scarfed a few down and then spent the next two miles trying to get raspberry seeds out of my teeth. (Totally worth it.) J. and I headed to a Mexican restaurant directly after the run and nacho loaded. And now I’m doing my best to stay awake until bedtime. A fine day.
Hostel happenings: All the cyclists here for the 100 this weekend think the ultrarunners are totally nuts. I love it. Gradations of nuttiness. For my part, I can’t imagine trying to keep upright on a mountain bike on their course with 1567 other cyclists around me. I can’t wait to see the start. I might try to work an aid station if I can get someone to give me some lessons in cyclists’ needs first.

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2 Responses to Fish Hatchery to Mayqueen

  1. trimble says:

    I am assuming that “new red blood cells” means that you are acclimating and not blood doping… 🙂
    Very proud of you! T

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