Twin Lakes to Hope Pass again

I tried the Twin Lakes to Hope Pass section of the course again today. Looks like that 5 mile section is mostly going to be a hike for me. I can jog along for a bit, but then my legs feel too heavy for anything but hiking. I think I was moving a bit faster than I was the first time, but I didn’t pay attention to my pace then because breathing seemed a priority.
So, all that said, I will be happy to climb this never-ending hill during the race because running down it is Outstanding. My PF kept quiet and I felt like I was flying. I glanced down at my Garmin expecting to see some sort of 7 minute pace and it read 14min/mile. More coasting than flying, I guess. (Liza Last-Goose-to-Florida Howard) A huge 10-point buck (5 pointy things on each antler?) ran across the trail on my way down. He looked to be having a good day too.
Not much going on at the hostel today, although there was a little drama last night. A novice mountain biker arrived from some flat place on the East Coast. She told me she’d signed up for the race after being inspired by the movie “Race Across the Sky.” She’d bought her first mountain bike just a few months earlier. She’d never been on the course. The Hostel crowd was manifestly skeptical. She vented to me later. Love it.

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2 Responses to Twin Lakes to Hope Pass again

  1. Thomas says:

    Update us on the outcome of the rookie mountain biker. My bet is she finishes!

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