Dust warning for Leadville

So the lesson from the Leadville 100 mountain bike race for us runners is: Wear something to protect your airway from the dust on the roads. Most all of the cyclists here at the hostel last night were coughing through the night. And my favorite cyclist here had to drop because of her breathing difficulties. I’m going to wear some sort of Bandana on the road to Winfield and some of the other roads that will have traffic. I’ve been told a damp bandana works well. I’ll experiment with the bandito wear this week to see how it feels.
Of course, if it pours on us, we won’t have to worry about it. I’m heading up to Hope Pass right now to try the Winfield side one last time before the race. More stories from the ride later.

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One Response to Dust warning for Leadville

  1. Thomas says:

    Oh dang. That’s a real bummer. I was really hoping she was going to finish. Anyone that could jump into something like this being so new to the sport, you’ve got to have a world of respect for, and I know she’ll be back.

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