Rainy day in Leadville

It’s dreary and cool here today in Leadville. A good day to sit in the coffee shop in town and people watch. Runners are arriving in droves and it’s great fun to listen to the conversations. There seem to be a good number of people with a lot of advice and little actual 100-miler experience. Sadly I didn’t hear any crazy advice being given. Nothing about hallucinations or diet soda anyway. I’m going to finish my nutrition chart for race day (days) and make some last-minute purchases (hand warmers) and then I’m going to spend the rest of the week trying to feel peaceful.
I forgot to mention that the novice flatlander cyclist did not finish the bike race. She realized she’d forgotten her nutrition when she was lined up at the race start and had to bike back to the hostel to get it. She started the actual race about 5 minutes late. The day didn’t get any easier for her. She was very pragmatic about the experience and I imagine she’ll do well at whatever she chooses to do next. I was impressed by the attitudes of the cyclists here at the hostel who missed their time cut-offs and didn’t finish their race. They were matter-of-fact about their experiences. No one treated it like the end of the world. And they made reservations at the hostel for next year. Good model to see before a race.

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