Leadville Race Report

Leadville is a great race and the people involved are outstanding. I had a pretty hard time there. My stomach turned on me after about 40 miles and I was reduced to eating Saltine crackers during the last 30 miles. One Saltine cracker and then a mouthful of water to wash the pasty mass down. (Not as fun as it sounds.) T., who paced the last 13 miles, can probably still hear my grumpy orders in his head. “Give me a cracker! I need more water!” Thankfully, T. turns a blind eye to my grumpiness.
Lynnette Clemons, last year’s winner, set the tone of the day for me.  I got to talk with her early in the race and she couldn’t have been more friendly.  I said something clumsy like, “Hi.  You have long braids; Are you Lynnette?”. We chatted for a bit and she even pointed out a tricky section of trail. Later, when I told her to go ahead and pass me because my stomach was giving me trouble, she said something like, “You’re doing a good job, honey.”  It cheered me up.  People were just fine like that all day.
There was a huge crowd of people at the Outward Bound/Fishhatchery Aid Station.  My name had gotten passed around and it seemed like everyone was cheering it as I ran in.  I felt like a famous basketball player.  (I realize basketball players don’t run into outdoor aid stations, but at the time people were yelling, I distinctly remember thinking, “Wow, I’m like some famous basketball player.” So, chalk the analogy up to the long miles.)
The strangest thing that happened during the race was when a complete stranger handed me a tampon at the Winfield aid station.  (I know!). I rolled into the 50 mile mark and T. handed me my water bottle and gel and this fellow next to him was holding a tampon — and then handed it to me.  I am still uncertain how he got involved in that particular exchange.  I saw him at another aid station later and, after confirming that I’d never met him before, I apologized that he’d had to participate in that hand-off.  He was very gracious.  Weird and weird, though.  
I’ve got to hobble onto a plane to DC now.  More stories after I give Asa two weeks worth of hugs.

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15 Responses to Leadville Race Report

  1. Thomas says:

    Liza, you know you’re world famous now! This is a huge win, but lots of us sort of figured you could pull it out! So many runners believe if you want to take things up a notch and win, you need to move to Colorado and train at altitude. You just proved them all wrong! You may start a new trend of top runners moving to Texas! : )

  2. trimble says:

    I was bragging about you all day. So amazing. One of these days we have to run a race together, for old times sake.

  3. trimble says:

    PS: I’m coming to San Antonio Oct 17-20 (Sun-Wed) for a conference. Let’s get together at some point then! Email me and we’ll work out details.

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  5. Steve B says:

    You are better than a famous bball player in my book. The winner of Leadville!!! Unreal and truly remarkable. Congratulations on your efforts and way to make Texas proud. You are such an inspiration. Good luck with your recovery.

  6. Steven M says:

    That was awesome! It was my pleasure getting to run with you again. Congrats on an outstanding win! See ya soon.

  7. Olga says:

    Holly-yay, it was all worth the wait and miss of WS! You gotta tell mores sories, I like reading your sense of humor. As for tampons – trust me, I had a more “up-close and personal” happening, although that one involved someone a bit more than a stranger…but not that close:) Oh, the things we do…

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  9. Sara G says:


  10. DavidH says:

    I see a Saltine cracker sponsorship in the works. 😉

    Huge accomplishment. The entire region is very proud!

    • lizahoward says:

      Love it!
      Dear Saltine People,
      I run a lot. Your crackers kept me from vomiting during my last race. I was wondering if you would consider giving me money.
      Thank you for your consideration,
      Elizabeth Howard

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