Leadville Ore Cart Trophy

Asa was impressed with the ore cart trophy from Leadville. It’s a miniature mining cart complete with lots of ore. My mother was not thrilled with the rocks being dumped over and over again onto her wood floors, but she did like the Double Magnum of wine I was given. (I did not know the word for a huge can’t-fit-in-your-luggage bottle of wine before this race. Apparently you can also refer to it as a Jeroboam. Huge and huger bottles of wine are named after Biblical kings. Lots to learn.) It’s wonderful to be at my folks house now enjoying some TLC and a loaded pantry. My quads are still pretty darn sore, but my stomach is fine again. During the race I had to stop every few minutes to breathe deeply because the knot in my upper stomach made it hard to take a good breath. I’m not sure exactly why it happened, but I’ll work on figuring it out because it was wildly unenjoyable during the race.
I’m looking forward to going for a run soon. Running around Leadville was that fun.
Circle closed: After a mid-course correction in life I began working for Outward Bound in Leadville. My friend K. helped me drive out from California for the interview. I bought a map of the race’s course after my first summer working in the mountains. I wasn’t seriously planning to run the race when I bought it. Mostly it seemed like something inspiring to hang on a wall. I met my husband working for OB. K. ran the last mile with me to the finish at the race. And my son spent the afternoon playing with my ore cart trophy. Circle closed.

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