I don’t sleep well after running 100 miles. I’m not sure exactly why. Anyone else out there have trouble sleeping after long runs? So, whatever the reason, I’m up at 4am watching a History Channel show about a swamp stalker pig. “I used to ride my 4-wheeler through the mountains without any perturbation, but now my life is changed.” Perturbation?
I was asked to answer some interview questions earlier today. Last question: “Please tell me anything else that you feel best explains how you do all this and who you are? What lights you up? What makes you go? Anything from pet peeves to favorite quotes that you live by? Do you have a hero or role model? … and why is he/she so important to you?”
Sheesh! Nothing like trying to sum yourself up pithily after midnight. Here’s what I came up with: There’s value in enduring suffering; It teaches compassion and humility. Running ultras is a means to becoming more compassionate and humble. And bad races certainly teach more than good ones. While I’d rather have had an easier time at Leadville and run faster, having to deal with stomach pain was useful. Maybe I’ll be a better nurse, mother, wife, and friend because of it. Perhaps it’ll help me deal with pain gracefully when it’s inescapable and not taken on by choice.
I also just love to run. It makes me happy and regulates my moods. I am more peaceful and more capable after a run. The world is a better place and I’m a better Liza.
Hope you all got plenty of rest last night and get in a good run today.

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