Asa and I made it home to San Antonio with our 200 pounds of luggage yesterday. The boy was a prince. We had a 3 1/2 hour layover in Denver and other than spending $15 on apple juice and visiting the family restroom 27 times, it was a pretty pleasant wait. I bought a pack of cards with pictures of various horrible insects before we left town and Asa spent a good portion of the wait pretending to be a black widow spider. (Raisins make good flies.) My proudest layover moment was when we single-handedly forced two businessmen camped out at the kiddie table to move within 45 seconds of sitting down next to them. I’m not sure exactly what they were thinking sitting there in the first place — with their computers and phones laid out on the knee-high table while they perched on tiny mushroom stools.
We spent the afternoon at the neighborhood pool and then devoured a large pizza. There’s an indescribable picture of me on the www.endurancebuzz.com website that cautions the world to watch out because I’m “hungry and roaming.” I wish I could photoshop a piece of pizza into the picture — and maybe a bag of tortilla chips. Hungry and roaming indeed. 😉

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One Response to Home!

  1. trimble says:

    I had a layover in Denver today- why do we keep missing each other? Glad to hear you are home. Enjoy the little boy for a while and get some rest!
    I will see Amy and Jerry tomorrow. I’m sure your ears will be burning, as we sing your praises!

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