Cinderella in Mountain Time

Well, it’s 4am and I’m up for no good reason. Asa and Eliot and the cat are still snoring away. About 5 minutes ago I had myself convinced that my body was still on Mountain Time, but that would actually make it 3am. Oh well, more time to drink coffee and look at the housework I’ve ignored for over a month. Today is Eliot and my anniversary, so that’ll be my excuse to ignore the mold in the toilets for a while longer. (Seems like we’re probably 3 days away from mold, but you get the picture.)
I am officially ready to get running again. All the bags of tortilla chips are gone from the pantry and the jelly bean urges have subsided. The day after the race K. and M. took me to a wonderful wine and burger joint outside of Colorado Springs and I had a sausage with sauerkraut. My vegan belly did just fine with it. The day after races are vegan-free days — mostly because it’s fun to go to a restaurant and place an order without having to grill the waitstaff about hidden eggs and cheese. I eat vegan because I like junk food. I wish it were more noble than that, but really it’s about limiting my options after I fill my car with gas and head through the Kwik-E-Mart. It’s a good handrail.
My plan now is to get my foot completely healed and train for the Bandera 100k in January — unless some sponsor appears that would like to fly me to exotic locals (like Kansas or California) to race. I would also need a babysitter. Dear Potential Sponsor…

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