Newspaper worthy

My friend sent a note to the local news channel and paper about my run at Leadville. (Local Flatlander Runs in Colorado Mountains and Doesn’t Suck.) The response was kind, but basically went: “Very nice, but that was sooooo almost 2 weeks ago.” I don’t follow the local news too closely (because we’ve only lived in San Antonio about five years now and I don’t want to rush my relationship with the city), so I went to the to the station’s website to see what they were about. Here are yesterday’s headlines. “Couple Loses Everything in Mobile Home Fire,” “Universal City Man Chases Down Burglars,” “Texas Born Drug Lord Captured in Mexico,” “Police Chase Ends With Car In House.” Maybe the story would have made it if my friend had sold it as: “San Antonio Woman Evades Capture by Comely Coloradan.” Right? Many headlines come to mind, but I’ll spare you. I just found a stack of Men’s Health magazines in our bathroom (random) and I’m going to fold laundry and read about how to bench press 25% more.

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3 Responses to Newspaper worthy

  1. trimble says:

    we’ve got to figure out a marketing strategy to sensationalize you…

  2. trimble says:

    yes, sequins and tulle… lots of tulle…

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