I’m sitting at the dining room table ignoring the havoc wrought by my three year-old son and his two buddies earlier this morning. Hurricane Asa-Toby-Brooks was only a Category 3 storm. And now that I’ve decided that bending down to pick up Legos off the floor counts as stretching, cleaning them up is gratifying. I’ve gotten bad about stretching with my foot on the mend. There just isn’t a strong link between stretching and running injury-free in my brain. I ran fine for so long without stretching. Feel free to give me grief; Mention that I’m aging. Testimonials about how stretching regularly saved your life might help. Honestly, it’s the lying on the floor bit that gets me. As soon as I’m horizontal, my napping instinct takes over — tight hamstrings or not.
The San Antonio trail running gang is meeting up at Freetails tonight for beverages and tall tales. It’s been a good long while since we’ve all been together. Come by if you’re in town. 6ish. We’ll be the good-looking ones wearing running shoes and laughing.

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3 Responses to Stretching

  1. trimble says:

    We are so much alike it’s scary… (minus the kid thing:)

  2. Greg Luffey says:

    I always thought stretching was overrated. Wish I still lived in SA. Miss the Gov’t Canyon.

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