You know you’re running in Texas when

In the road today

This fellow and about twenty of his friends were in the road on my way home from a run at Bandera today.  There were a bunch of cowboys nearby and the whole thing had the look of a cattle drive — except the cowboys were mostly just sitting on their horses watching the cattle wander around the highway.  Those horns are particularly impressive when they’re a foot from your car window.  Like a good non-native Texan, I took tons of pictures.  The cowboys scowled and tried to move us along.  Bandera is the Cowboy Capital of the World (according to Bandera) and there’s usually a representative cowboy riding along mainstreet on the weekends.  Mainstreet Cowboy is more smiley than these guys were.

The longhorn encounter was a great morale booster after a run that got cut short due to PF pain.  WHIIIIIIIIINE.  So it looks like it’s back to stretching regularly and icing for me.  The PF boot night boot is coming out of storage.  I’m even going to stop staying up until 2am watching bad spy shows on the USA network while painting the living room.  Dangit!

One other bright spot to the non-run/hike was that I discovered someone had built a miniature Stonehenge by the ranger station.  It was about a foot high and seemed pretty faithful to the original — or what I remember of the original from an eleventh grade field trip.  So, bored park ranger?  Aliens?  I’ll find out next trip out there.  Time to freeze my foot now.

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