Sunday morning

Well, I stretched last night and this morning and my foot and leg feel better, so there’s that.  🙂

It’s a good morning here at the Howard house.  Eliot got up early and made bread and granola.  Won the  husband lottery, I did.  I’m on my second cup of coffee and Asa is eating granola and not throwing a tantrum.  I’m not really sure how things could be better.  Perhaps a third cup of coffee and some list making.  I am a list-maker.  Give me a scrap of paper and some time and I can come up with a 5-year plan that would have made the Soviets proud.  (I went to high school in Berlin before the Wall came down, so I’m up on my Soviet plan history.)   Yup, a list with some running and racing plans, core workout time slots, house cleaning schedules and maybe a little budgeting thrown in for good measure.  Very satisfying.  Hope your morning is outstanding too.

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2 Responses to Sunday morning

  1. trimble says:

    Ran with a girl yesterday who met you in Leadville and is friends with Meredith, one of your pacers. Small world.

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