12-hour track run for the Wounded Warrior Project

Amanda McIntosh and I are going to run around the St. Mary’s Hall track for 12 hours on October 9th to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  We are both part of Team Traverse, which generously supports our running so that we can use it to help others. “Running for a Reason” is the team’s motto and mission.  Raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project would be a great privilege and very fitting for me personally.  I am an Army brat.  My brother in-law is currently deployed in Iraq.  My grandfathers, uncles, aunts, and cousins all served in the military.  I’m living in San Antonio, a military town.    Amanda and I thought folks could pledge a certain amount for each lap we completed during the 12 hours.  1 cent?  5 cents?  10 cents?  Hard to say how many times we’ll make it around. We’ll be out there from 6am to 6pm and everyone is very welcome to come down and run along with us.  Run a lap or two, run an hour, run more.  Whatever you’d like.  We’ll only be able to have 30 or so on the track at the same time, but I imagine that’ll be pretty easy to manage.  You could also just come down and be encouraging and entertaining from the sidelines.  Here’s a link to the donation page.  Just click on either of our names to help support severely injured service men and women.  I’d love to make this an annual event that people could participate in– with a 24-hour option.  We’ll start small this year and plan bigger next year.  I’ll do my best to win races in the meantime to attract attention to the WWP.  🙂

More info here.

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4 Responses to 12-hour track run for the Wounded Warrior Project

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  2. ken gordon says:

    I grew up an Air Force brat and this an easy cause for me to get behind. I am a friend of Amanda’s and met you in Leadville this year. I can’t run this year because of a cycling accident but I will try and join you guys next year. I will pass the hat around here in Albuquerque and see if I can get you guys some donations. Ken

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