I am being interviewed by the paper here and so far we’ve established that I’m a terrible historian and that I’m not all that insightful about trail running.  What year was it that J. and I ran the Grand Canyon?  2006 or 2007?  J.?  It was after Eliot and before Asa and I was in my 30s.  And we had to run uphill and walk downhill because J.’s knee was strangely hurt and horribly painful when we tried to do otherwise .  I remember stashing a bag of potato chips in a bathroom at Phantom Ranch and I remember J’s wife going out to find sandwiches for us afterwards because J. and I weren’t walking too well.  I remember it was wonderfully fun.  I should have started this blog three (or four) years ago;  Then I could look back.  Thankfully, it’s not important information.  Really, it’s only interesting because I’m not curious about the exact dates.  (Undergrad degree in history gone to waste in so many ways.)  I’ll spare you my theories.  (Well, maybe not entirely to waste.)   I also cannot remember when I did the 1st and 2nd annual Liza 50-mile Invitationals.  I couldn’t manage to fit an actual race into my NOLS schedule, so I ran my own.  Won both times.  Eliot made T-shirts.  He drove along ahead of me and stopped every couple of miles to douse me with water and let me sit in the air-conditioned car.  It wouldn’t have been so hot, but I didn’t start until 6 or 7am because I was too scared to start running alone in the dark.  We lived out in the country across from an exotic animal preserve.  Some exotic animal was bellowing like it was possessed at 4am and I headed back into the house until the sun came out and all the monsters had gone back to bed.  Anyway, that was also sometime in the last four years.

Onto my lack of insight.  I was asked why trail running is becoming so popular.  And, um, I’m really not sure.  People coming to their senses?  Thoughts out there?

Gotta get to bed now.

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One Response to Interview

  1. trimble says:

    Here’s my 2 cents:
    People need a place to be free. It’s as simple as that. Road running is great, but it’s perfectly timed… When I road run, I know my route ahead of time; I know my mileage; I know my predicted pace. I know the moment that I start, the approximate time I will end. Trail runs… I have no idea sometimes where I am or how fast I’m going. I just know how I’m feeling.
    So much in life is timed on a schedule, a check-list, a routine. Trail running is about just being present in life.
    deep thoughts.. by Trimble.
    My alternative answer… “their knees hurt less on trails”.

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