Podiatrist visit

I always forget how bad the traffic in San Antonio is because Eliot bikes to work — and my morning commute is usually just down the street to the pool with Asa. (Amazing that I can find things to be dissatisfied about, isn’t it?). My ten minute drive ended up taking 35 minutes and I arrived late.  Hate that.  However, the doctor was an hour late to my appointment in March, and I had to keep Asa entertained in the waiting room the whole time, so I figure we’ll call it even.  The fellow was very nice this time, but he wanted to try oral steroids again before moving onto an injection.  I did two rounds of oral steroids back in March without success.  Or, I should say, the steroids worked really well when I was on them (and I had all sorts of extra energy for house cleaning) and then it was back to square one a few days afterwards.  I tried to understand why the doctor wanted to try them again when they hadn’t worked the first time, but I left unsatisfied.  The man answered my questions — and he was speaking good English — but I was at a loss to re-explain his reasoning to Eliot and Amanda afterwards.  Have you ever had this experience?  I mean, I’ve gone through a fair amount of schooling in my life.  I know some medical stuff.  And no one describes me as dumb right off the bat.  “You know, Liza, — that dumb runner girl.”  (No, I think “short” or “smiley runner girl,” would be my index term.)  But, darn, if I can tell you now why I didn’t get a painful injection in my foot this morning.   He did say he was reticent to do an injection because I run so much.  I can’t find any research supporting this concern, but I am not a doctor and not a podiatrist.  So I’ll trust his many years of schooling and expertise and I’ll go back in a week and see what happens.  I’ll prep my questions better for the next visit.   Better, I’ll see if Eliot will come along and play really dumb until I can understand the plan.  I’ll be the nice compliant patient and he can be my dull advocate.

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4 Responses to Podiatrist visit

  1. Mike W says:

    (this is Mike, we’ve met before. i’m a friend of Mer’s, we ran at cactus rose together at the start. )
    Hi Liza,
    Hmmm… no experience with steroids, but in a prior post you asked about feedback…
    1-I had a friend get a cortizone shot to treat her Plantar’s a couple months back, and she seems to be doing fine these days.
    2-I heard from my coach that one of her other runners got a shot of salty-water(or similar) to treat hers and that worked for her within a few days.
    3-I personally had plantars 3 years ago, as did a friend, and we got ours fixed through” Graston Technique” (google it) by Dr. Laurie Buob ( http://austinfamilyandsportschiropractic.com/index.htm ) here in Austin (yes, i know you live in SA). Each session was quite a painful experience, as she grinds through the issue with metal rods, but it fixed me, so I’m going back to her to try and fix my 14 week long IT Band nuisance.
    Hope it all works out for you. If you want details or want to talk to the other people I mentioned above, let me know, i’m happy to put you in touch with them. (mikewilen at gmail dot com)

  2. lizahoward says:

    Thanks so much for the info Mike. I actually had a bit of Graston done in Leadville. It was really helpful. I haven’t checked into it in San Antonio yet. I hope I don’t have to make a drive to Austin, but I know there are some great practitioners there. Good luck with your IT band. Hope it’s not too painful. Hope to see you out
    at Cactus Rose too. I’ll probably just be manning an aid station at this point.

  3. trimble says:

    For what it’s worth.. the concern I think is that steroid joint injections can do quite a bit of destruction- mostly with repetative uses though. Not as clear on IM or fascia injections. I did a quick Pubmed search and emailing you some papers if I can get them. Hope it helps.

    • lizahoward says:

      Thanks Trimble! I really look forward to reading what you sent. I’d read a small literature review done in May this year that basically said the same thing you did– repeated injections could cause heel pad atrophy, (undesirable), but suggested that evidence about plantar fascia rupture was inconclusive — though the sequela of rupture could be permanent. (Undesirable!)
      We’ll see what the podiatrist thinks when I see him next Monday.

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