Boobs and brows

The San-Antonio Express-News did a nice article about Leadville and me and it made the front page.  (The reporter called Friday afternoon to let me know it would be on the front page if nothing big happened in the meantime.  Hurricanes, explosions, swarms of locusts etc.  So you’re all happy I made the A section.)  I’m in Houston, so I’ve been robbed of the pleasure of standing in line at the supermarket and pretending to be surprised by the article to the folks standing in line with me.  “Why, is that me?!? Right there on front?”  I’ll have to look for some other opportunity to be obnoxious today.

My friend J. said he was surprised to see my eyebrows in the pictures that went along with the article .   I can’t remember now exactly what he said, but it had a Charlotte’s Web “Some Pig” feel.  (Some Good Brows.)  Apparently my running gear disguises my Italian heritage well.  Hope your day is filled with good press too.

For the record, opening a gel packet in the cold is a lot harder than nursing a baby.  Just less surprising.  And, I haven’t done any baby nursing for well over a year — in the privacy of my own home or anywhere else.  Eliot chuckled all morning that the lead in for the article was my boobs.  Until I told him to knock it off.  😉

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6 Responses to Boobs and brows

  1. clea says:

    Hi Liza…

    I enjoy your blog and reading about how another mom attempts to fit it in. I have a 7 month old, and am trying to find my way back to ultrarunning, but it is a challenge! I would love to hear some of your tips on how to fit the really long runs in. Congrats on your recent win, it’s always inspiring for me to read about other running moms.

    • lizahoward says:

      I’ve traded babysitting with other mom friends for running time, but I always feel like I’m taking advantage when their workouts take an hour or two and I need to head off for four or more. I think that if you had a big enough circle of mom friends, this could work though. Any other thoughts out there?

    • lizahoward says:

      Hi Clea,
      I wish I had a better tip than this, but I either take advantage of my husband’s goodwill or I hire a sitter so I can run long on the weekends. I can’t manage to get up much before 4am even when I have really long runs scheduled, so Eliot ends up giving up a lot of his own workout time for me. Asa goes to a day “school” now, but when he was smaller, I’d pay for a sitter during the week, so I could run. I wish I had a tip other than spend money.

  2. Sara G says:

    I enjoyed the article! Let me know if you need another “paper” copy.

  3. clea says:

    thanks…I rely on my husband too get my long runs in. I try and start my runs at 5am, but my baby is up long before I get done. I haven’t tried a babysitter yet, but if my husband goes out of town for work, I may have to try it. The weekend run is essential to sanity!

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