Ultrarunning for Acura owners

There’s an article about ultrarunning in the magazine that the Honda Motor Company puts out for its Acura owners.  My in-laws own an Acura and passed their Style: Inspiration For The Way Ahead summer edition onto us while we were in Houston this weekend.  You know the sport is growing and changing when Scott Jurek and Anita Ortiz are featured next to articles about the Acura TL and Oregon winemakers.

I had a great 2o mile run with J. and M. outside of Houston this morning.  I was so sweaty by the end that I was too embarrassed to go into a gas station to buy a cold drink without changing first.  I have a lot of practice at testing prescriptive norms after a run, so this is saying something about the September humidity down here.   My foot kept pretty quiet most of the run and I had a great time trying to run fast.  I’ve got some training to do!

We just got back to San Antonio and Asa’s running around the house pretending to be a naked firefighter (boots, mask, nothing else), so I’ll sign off for now to look for PJs.

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