It is raining here in San Antonio today.  It’s great napping weather and I wish I could join Asa, but I’m going to give the treadmill a spin.  It’s been lonely in our garage collecting dust from the dryer vent.  The thing requires so much power that you have to turn off the garage door opener and the lights when it’s plugged in.  I’m pretty good running on a treadmill in the halflight, but I have to keep my eyes locked on the display screen.  If I try to look anywhere else, the red glowing numbers start bouncing all over the place in an emetic kind of way.  Weird brain/inner ear stuff going on.  It just occurred to me that I could cover the screen up — like I do with the Check Engine light on my dashboard.  Brilliant.  Though maybe I should practice running while I’m feeling really queasy.  That seems to be my Achilles’ heel these days.  I’m trying some Clif drink mix now and we’ll see how that goes.  It’s a disturbing pink color, but it seemed to work well during my long run over the weekend.  Of course, most anything works well for three hours.  It might be too sweet to stomach for 100 miles.  I’ll let you know.  I do like that the ingredient list is pretty short and that you could actually purchase half of them off the supermarket shelf. The rest are pretty easy to pronounce at least.  OK, time to tread.  Anybody out there use Clif successfully?

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