Formal invitation

If you are in the area on October 9th, you should come down to the track at St. Mary’s Hall in San Antonio and run or walk a few laps (or many more!) with Amanda McIntosh and me. I mentioned in a previous post that we planned to run around their track from 6am to 6pm to raise money for severely injured service men and women through the Wounded Warrior Project.  The track and the area around it at St. Mary’s Hall is gorgeous.  Lots of soft grass to sit and rest on while Amanda and I continue circling.  Bring your family.  Kids can join for some laps, or if they’re too small for circles, they can toddle around on the grass.  Invite your mall-walking grandmother.  Come out and chat with Amanda and me.  We can field a host of topics.  Glacier mountaineering.  Race nutrition.  Potty training.  Running shoes.  Orienteering.  Running barefoot.  Rock climbing.  Being a national and world champion (Amanda).  Stretching.  Hatred for stretching.  Rock climbing.  Heartrate monitor training.  Wilderness medicine.  Running skirts.  Running with toddlers.  Coffee.  Running with teenagers.  Cooking in the backcountry.  Running while pregnant.  Mindfulness meditation.  Being a vegan or vegetarian athlete.  The days when Amanda was a smoker.  Jelly Bellies as a nutritional supplement.  You get the picture.  Between the two of us, we can provide some good conversation for at least half a day.  Come with your own topic.  We’re nice and opinionated; we’ll be happy to hold forth on topics we’re unfamiliar with too.

This is a BYO(w)B event.  Bring Your Own waterBottle.  Bring food and snacks too.  Also feel free to bring coffee flavored items for me.  😉  Next year we’ll try for more amenities, but for now this is a low key event.  It’s simply a way to bear witness to the sacrifices women and men have made and the struggles they are going through now.  Come and walk or run some laps to think about a family member or a friend who is deployed now.

You can also make donations or sign up to have others make donations for you here.  Hope to see you soon!

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