Weekend in Austin

I’m running around like a nut getting my things together to teach up in Austin this weekend.  Another Wilderness First Aid course, but this time for high school students.  Should be good fun.  I’ll be solo instructing, so I’ll be darn sick of my own voice by the end of the weekend.  Hopefully the students won’t feel similarly.

I had a great run in Eisenhower Park with A. this morning.  I think I sweated a good three buckets worth of water out.  It is humid today!  I really need to weigh myself before and after a run to figure out my sweat rate.  But I never manage to get it done.  Perhaps if it was higher on The List.  I think it’s somewhere around 795 right now.  OK, enough blog.  Back to the headless chicken running.

PS.  The foot feels just great.  Two more days of oral steroids.  Fingers crossed!

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