Free time?

I had an interview with a store I was hoping to have sponsor me.  My hopes are not high, mostly because I didn’t field the “And what do you do in your free time?” question well.

Me: (incredulously) Free time?

Very nice young girl:  (kindly, smiling) Yes, when you’re not running or working?

Me:  (slowly) And not taking care of Asa?

Very nice young girl: (also slowly)  Right.

Me:  Sleeping?  (HaHaHa!)

Very nice young girl:

Me: (outloud) Well, you see, I run a lot.  A lot… And what with Asa and Eliot and work…. Um, I used to read before Asa was born.  And I mountaineered…

Me: (to myself)  (Free time?!?  The last time I had a free minute, I cleaned the toilet.  Does that count?  In my free time, I like to clean toilets?  I plucked my eyebrows at a red light on the way here.  Does that count?  No, I run.  I run when I have free time.  I run when I don’t have free time.  Oh, wait, I drink with my running friends after we run every Thursday night.  That’s it.  In my free time, I drink.  Or, I write about running in a blog.)

Very nice young girl:  I see, you’re outdoorsy.

Yes, I know this very nice young girl was just trying to get to know me and see if I was a good fit for their store’s sponsorship.  Yes, I know how interviews work.  And, yes, I was just feeling defensive — because I can’t manage to get it together enough to have free time.  I should have just invented a passion for organic gardening and beat matching electronic dance music and let it go.  (See below.)

There was also a requirement to be “hip.”  So, no surprise readers, but I am not hip.  I have never been hip.  Middle school, high school, college — unhip.  I feel certain being the mother of a three year-old does not make me more hip.  I’ll be fine if that word is not used in my eulogy.  Now, if they needed “resilient”  (but not uncute in a skirt) — well, I would have impressed.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed.

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One Response to Free time?

  1. Domingo says:

    I don’t know many business people but if I find some potential sponsorships, I will let you know.

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