Bloody fall

I took a big digger today running at Eisenhower Park.  I was running at a good clip when my foot caught a rock and I dove toward the ground.  I felt like I slid a good 12 inches before I stopped — leaving most of the skin of my right knee behind.  I wasn’t hurt — just really bloody.  Well, at first there wasn’t any blood, but as soon as I started moving around it was like a waterfall of blood down my leg.  Blood spattered my other leg.  My shoe is bloody.  Thankfully I didn’t see many people on my way back to the car.  I ran directly to a water spigot, took off my shoe and washed and then headed to the first aid kit in the car.  I didn’t end up dressing it though because I still had to run a while and it seemed like it had finished bleeding.  It just looked like hamburger meat.  A woman I saw as I headed out again told me I made her feel better about falling herself.  I really don’t fall that much — unless the ground is flat and paved.  I fell in the parking lot of Asa’s school last week.  For no good reason.  I thought about posting a bloody knee picture, but I don’t know how squeamish you are dear readers.  😉

OK, time to apply some soap and then head out on the town with my parents.

Knee Update:  It looks like I’ve got a tangerine stuffed under the skin of my knee now.  Still no pain.  Really, the best possible situation.  Looks bad, so lots of sympathy, but no discomfort — so I can really enjoy the sympathy.

Foot update:  Feeling really good.

Gray hair update:  Taking over left side of head.

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2 Responses to Bloody fall

  1. Domingo says:

    I would walk slowly to keep it from tightening up. If pain take advil. Keep your legs warm. Rest. Take care.

  2. lizahoward says:

    Thanks Domingo. 🙂

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