Product testing

I get to do some product testing on the run tomorrow, which is exciting.  My perspective on running clothing may not turn out to be particularly useful to this company though.  Feedback:  1.  Shorts:  These were great.  It was really easy pull them aside and pee behind a bush.  2.  Top:  After 12 hours, the built-in sports bra did not chafe me raw.  3.  Top: It was pretty easy to pull the shirt up to wipe my nose.

We’ll see.

Please give a call tomorrow or send an email between 6am and 6pm if you think of it.  My parents will be around to holler out your messages as Amanda and I circle.  Oh, and if you have any lap counting brainstorms between now and 6am, please send them along.  I’d though about counting out some Jelly Bellies and eating one per lap, but it looks like that might send me into some hyperglycemic state by 3pm.

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5 Responses to Product testing

  1. trimble says:

    I don’t have your phone number and it’s after 6pm by the time I got this, but thinking of you guys tonight!

  2. Norma Morales-Arias says:

    Liza, it was so great to meet you yesterday at St. Mary’s Hall, for the Wounded Warrior Project! You were super nice and friendly and I appreciated it. Had fun running for a little while with you all. You’ve go a fan in me. — Norma

  3. Norma Morales-Arias says:

    oops – meant you’ve got a fan in me! 🙂

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