Thank you!

About 9 hours in

I’m not sure how the run benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project could have gone better.  (Unless, maybe we weren’t circling a track for 12 hours.)  Amanda and I showed up shortly after 5am and expected to run by ourselves for a good while.  But we had company from the get go.  And some of that company was just running in their underwear.  Apparently there was a 5k underwear run that morning and some of the Undie Runners warmed up with us.  I gave up counting laps once they arrived.  😉   The best undies had “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” written in sparkly letters on the rear.  The runner wearing them bought them for the 5k, but it makes one wonder about other people purchasing these panties.  Are they wearing them on dates?  First dates or after a couple of months?  Anyway, there are a lot of stories I’ll share about the track run, but I’ve got to build a combine harvester out of playdough now, so I’ll leave off by saying I couldn’t be more grateful to the people who ran with us and those who donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.  It was a blessing to have been able to participate.  Thank you to the servicemen and women who have been injured and suffer.  Your daily challenges were in our thoughts Saturday and will continue to be there.

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3 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Domingo says:

    Glad everything went well. Sorry I could not make it. Hope to see you soon. Get a well deserved rest.

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