Hotel pillows and coffee makers

I’m up in Dallas this weekend teaching a Wilderness First Aid course at REI.  It’s not exactly a wilderness environment and it’ll be a difficult place to hold onto my paycheck (I’m depending on my co-instructor to keep me from shopping for outdoor gear during breaks), but I’m looking forward to it.  It should be a neat group of students and they’re putting me up in the Sheraton  — where I’ll enjoy the soft Lego-free carpets and the clean bathroom grout.   The only drawback to the Sheraton is that it’s fancy enough to be inconvenient.  There’s an inverse relationship between the number of pillows on a hotel room’s bed and the amount of money I can save from my food stipend.  Fancy hotels do not have microwaves to heat up breakfast oatmeal.  They do not have little refrigerators to keep the soymilk I bought at the supermarket cold.  They do not have coffee makers.  They have these awful one-cup machines.  Press a button and you get one cup of lukewarm coffee.  These models are certainly more hygienic than old-school hotel coffee makers — that are usually kept in the bathroom — but they don’t do much to caffeinate you.  And forget about making hot water for tea.  Give me a slightly crappier hotel with just two pillows on the bed any weekend.

I plan on hogging the treadmill while I’m there unless I can convince my co-instructor to take me at one of the areas I found on the North Texas Trail Runners website.  He’s already charged with keeping me from shopping, so it might be a bit much to ask.  Keep your fingers crossed.  And, if any of you reading this are from the Dallas area, and want a running buddy this evening or Sunday morning AND want to drive to pick me up at the Sheraton, send me a note.  I’ll bring you one cup of coffee.  🙂

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