Jam-packed weekend

I’m teaching another WFA this weekend. I’ll just be commuting over to UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) this time — and not wrangling with one cup coffee machines in fancy hotels.   Right now I’m sitting at the cell phone waiting lot at the airport waiting to pick up my co-instructor. It’s 7pm and I still have a speed workout to get done tonight.  Sigh.  Then there’s 20 miles to run before class at 7:30 tomorrow morning —– Class until 5, host my co-instructor to dinner afterwards, run 15 miles fast-ish before class at 8am on Sunday, teach until 5pm. I will be drinking some caffeine this weekend — before I collapse in a pile of post-course paperwork on Sunday night. Thank God Asa has school on Monday; I won’t be fit for company or mothering.  I know some of you readers regularly have tight schedules to contend with and important jobs and responsibilities.  (doctor-ultrarunner-parent-to-multiple-small-children-non-profit-director-home-just-featured-in-House-Beautiful-I-like-to-garden-in-my-free-time-when-I’m-not-meditating).  I don’t know how you make it all happen gracefully.  I can make some of it happen — sometimes, but not gracefully.

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2 Responses to Jam-packed weekend

  1. eliot says:

    Thought you meant actual jam, like as in strawberry – less sure about this class now.

  2. olivia says:

    LOL @ Eliot!
    Brooks keeps saying he wants to look at
    the stars in his room with you guys!

    Good luck with all the “jam.”

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