Tape, scissors & a combine harvester

Another great group of students this weekend.  Another great co-instructor.  Ah, it’s good to be so spoiled.   Eliot had to take the class and it was so nice to spend the whole weekend together — even though it meant having to break almost every bone in his body so I could keep using him as my splinting model.  He also ended up with severe hypothermia and a profusely bleeding wound that required a tourniquet. Asa graced the last half hour of the class. He put in his two cents during a discussion about first aid kits.  “What would you put in your first aid kit if you could only take three things?”  (Tape, scissors and a combine harvester.)
Hope you all had a peaceful weekend.

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One Response to Tape, scissors & a combine harvester

  1. Niki Lake says:

    Hi Liza,
    I tried emailing but must’ve wrote the address wrong.
    I wholeheartedly agree that a combine harvester is a MUST in every wilderness first aid kit.
    Send me your email address? Would love to get together on a Thursday….

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