Hot October

It was 94 degrees here in San Antonio yesterday, October 25th.  I ran 20 miles in the morning and was wiped out for the rest of the day.  94 degrees will smack you down if you haven’t run in it in a while.  I held it together until Eliot got home and then lay around like a desiccated slug for the rest of the evening.  I was in bed before Asa.  It’s only supposed to be 88 today (October 26!) and I’ve only got 15 miles on the schedule, so I’m hoping…well, I’m  hoping to have more spring in my step than a tree sloth when Eliot gets home.

T. and J. are taking me on a tour of some road hills this evening, which will be great.  (Except, maybe, for the running up steep hills on the road part.)  OK, Plaza Sesamo just ended, so I’m off to the zoo with Asa to see the monkeys and my cousin the sloth.


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