Doing your best

There’s a Marcello family story about what my grandfather said to my dad when he came home with a report card full of A’s.  “No room for improvement.”  That’s how I remember the story anyway.  Maybe as a result, my parents stressed always just doing your best.  “I got a B on that exam.”  “Did you do your best?”  “Yes.”  “Well, fine job then.”  I never really tested the principle by failing regularly.  “Did you give that F your all?  Well, good job then.”  Anyway, I’m sharing the story because I’m finding it pretty darn hard to give 100% on training runs.  I’m not even sure what 100% on a training run should look like exactly.  I feel I’m working hard on most runs, but I certainly could work harder.  Constantly thinking I should push harder is robbing the runs of joy.  I still get a huge psychological boost from being out on the trails for a few hours, but by the time I get home I feel a bit deflated because I know I could have done more.  Bleaugh.  I know it’s foolish to fret like this, but knowing it’s foolish doesn’t really have much effect on the fretting.  I’d go on, but you’re spared because it’s book club tonight at my house and I’ve got to make some biscotti and get Asa into some pants.

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One Response to Doing your best

  1. Domingo says:

    You should throttle back your training just a bit. Even take a week off to rejuvenate. Will make a BIG difference. That is why I took up minimalist running because it made running a joy to me again. Not a chore. It is great that are able to be at the top of your sport. But when the day comes that you are no longer competitive, run just for the pleasure of running. Compete for the pleasure of competition. Nothing more. Also I am sure you will have life long friends to share your running experiences.

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