I overslept this morning and now I’m going to have to do my run after Eliot gets home tonight.  I’m not much of an end-of-the-day runner.  As much as anything, it’s that I hate having it hanging over my head all day.  And, it’s not the run itself that’s a stressor, (Um, I like running very much.); It’s the worry that I won’t get it done.  Will entropy intervene?  It’ll be a nagging worry when Asa and I go to vote this morning, when we do our Goodwill drop-off, when we’re snacking with the monkeys at the zoo, when I’m reading nap time stories, when I’m helping Asa balance on his Diego pedal bike, while watching Plaza Sesamo, when Asa and I wash all that Bandera dirt off the car, and when Eliot walks in the door and all I want to do is sit and enjoy his company and a beer. I’ve got to find a more obnoxious alarm sound on my phone.


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