Running with 26,000+

The New York Times has a nice article today by Christopher McDougall called “Born to Run the Marathon?” It addresses people who poo-poo marathons because of the hype and the crowds.  I have some good friends running the San Antonio marathon on November 14th.  They’ll be running with at least 26,000 other people this year.  Maybe more.  I like McDougall’s assertion that a marathon is a festival.  And parties require people.  You don’t want to attend a gala event every weekend, but they can be great fun every once in a while.  I haven’t gotten dressed up for a marathon party in years.  Maybe one of these days I’ll pull out my fancy running clothes.  🙂

Oh, and then there’s a bit at the end of the article about Derartu Tulu and Paula Radcliffe and last year’s New York City marathon and how the Hopi saw running as a form of prayer.  Thanks for the article Christopher McDougall.  14 miles of prayer in Zone 3 today.

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One Response to Running with 26,000+

  1. Domingo says:

    I will have to read that. I am suppose to run the marathon on 11/14 but thinking about dropping down to the 1/2 unfortunately due to some injuries. I had an issue with my hip a few weeks back and it is not completely healed yet.Ran at Fridrick on Tuesday and had slight hamstring strain. No pain. But is tender. If hamstring is better by Saturday I plan on running 15 very very slow. Will not run again until race . Over 8 week period was averaging 30mpw before injury bug. If I have a good run on Saturday do you think this should be enough for me to finish this distance in 5 1/2 hours? Give to me straight. Was averaging 2 1/2 half marathon.

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