An account of my running nutrition and frightening hikers

Wow, sorry for the posting lag.  It’s been quite run-filled a weekend.  I ran 30 miles Saturday and 20 on Sunday.  That’s the most I’ve done in ages.  The Saturday run felt okay for the first 2o miles and then it felt pretty good.  Not a whisper from the PF.  I didn’t push the pace; I just wanted to get it done.  The hardest part of the run was leaving the  parking lot after 10 miles with Tony and heading back out for another 20.

I’m back to using Hammer products exclusively during long runs (I’m not sponsored by them.)  I’m using their Sustained Energy instead of the Perpetuem.  I read some Hammer literature saying SE might be more effective for lean athletes.  I figure I’m on the scrawny side —  in spite my fondness for all things fatty — so I ordered a tub.    It upsets my stomach and intestines pretty badly when I put it in a handheld water bottle.  (It froths a bunch with all the shaking.)  So I’m experimenting with making a thick shake-like drink in about 4 ounces of water.  It’s not delicious, but it got the job done.  No behind-a-tree pitstops necessary.  I’m not sure how I will manage to mix up nine little bottles during the Northface race though.  My friend B. reminded me Hammer has a new product called Perpetuem Solids.  Perpetuem chews.  At first I thought I might be able to stuff my pockets with chews and munch on them over the 5o miles, but the literature says they’re meant to supplement other products.  Tomorrow, I’m going to find out what that means exactly.  I’ll let you know.

Anyway, today’s 20-miler, felt great.  I wasn’t breaking any land speed records, but it was the first run in a long long long while that just felt good.  No foot pain.  No feeling that PF was lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce.  I feel like the PF has turned its back on me and is walking away.  It might turn around and come back if I yell at it — or stop icing and stretching altogether.  I even managed to participate in family activities after both runs.  Dude.

So, all that said, this evening Asa and I packed Eliot off for a weeklong trip to Colorado for the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education conference.  Yes, that means it’ll be a bit of a challenge to get the running done this week.  Wah.  Treadmill torture on my horizon.  Or I’ll see where promises of Eliot’s homemade bread will get me with friends.  5 hours of running = x loaves of bread?

Finally, I just want to tell you how tired I am of scaring hikers.  Last week I made six people jump or gasp with fear when I came running up behind them at Eisenhower Park.  I hate yelling “On your left!”  It feels rude.  It feels like I’m honking a car horn or shouting: “Out of my way, sloth!”  But I’m going to have to risk sounding like a jerk to keep the little old ladies safe.  Honestly, one elderly woman almost tripped and fell after I frightened her Friday.  I do try to make as much noise as possible when I come up behind someone.  I shake my water bottle vigorously.  I kick rocks.  It doesn’t work.  And, I’ve got to tell you, it doesn’t do much to my self-image to see people’s faces contort with fear when they turn and catch sight of me.  I know I’m a bit sweaty and I’m sure I need to do some eyebrow plucking,  but Geez!

Okay, sleep is at a premium this week.  More tomorrow.

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3 Responses to An account of my running nutrition and frightening hikers

  1. Chris R says:

    Glad the weekend runs went well!

  2. Domingo says:

    Try the cough or throat clearing. That usually works for me.

  3. lizahoward says:

    I’ll give it a try at Friedrich, but I’m guessing I’ll still make them jump before they ask if I’m tubercular.

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